Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Series: Re-Run Theater

The first big reboot of a science fiction franchise happened 40 years ago when Universal brought back Buck Rogers in the wake of space battle mania.

Frozen for 500 years by a freak accident, NASA Astronaut Captain Rogers is revived to become one of Terra’s greatest space heroes. With Earth now the center of interstellar commerce and politics in this galaxy-wide society, it finds itself a frequent target of subversive enemies.

Mysterious food poisoning has rendered Terra’s fighter pilots totally incapacitated and crippled its defense force. Under the leadership of Colonel Wilma Deering, Buck travels to the planet Vistula where they find a world engaged in slave labor. There they discover a fanatical religious leader named Kaleel is building an army and secretly planning to conquer Earth from his mountain fortress.

This episode features a guest appearance from original Buck Rogers star Buster Crabbe!

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Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening
Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Jack Palance, Roddy McDowell