Buck Rogers

Re-Run Theater presents the original television premiere of BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY. Buck Rogers is a NASA pilot who encounters a natural galactic phenomena that A) puts him into a state of suspended animation and B) knocks him into an orbit so vast he his floating around undiscovered for 500 years before being picked up by the Draconians, humanoid aliens on a so called peace envoy to Earth led by Killer Kane and the ravishing Princess Ardala. When Buck finally makes it to Earth and discovers how long he has overslept, he is immediately suspected of being a spy and placed on trial by the people of New Chicago (the 25th Century capital of Earth). Also, much to his chagrin, Buck discovers that A) The civilization he knew was wiped out in a nuclear holocaust soon after he left and B) the people of the 25th Century have never heard of rock and roll and do not know how to boogie. In other words, Buck Rogers is the only cool cat in a world full of squares and he needs to teach them all how to get down and cut loose. Oh yes…and there are definitely interplanetary dog fights and laser battles!

We will also play ads from the late 70s and early 80s to contrast how the sparkling platform glitter of the Disco 70s gave way to the shiny spandex, permed hair of the New Wave 80s.


Thursday, May 14