Carol - 2018

Series: Queer Commons Film Festival

Queer Commons Film Festival proudly presents CAROL as it was meant to be seen, in 35mm, on the big screen!

"This is the story: Therese Belivet (Mara) is a young New York City department store clerk who crosses paths with Carol Aird (Blanchett) while Carol is doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. It’s 1952. Carol’s daughter wants a doll. Therese sells her a train set. Their chance meeting leads to on-purpose meetings — a lunch, a Sunday afternoon at Carol’s giant castle-like estate in New Jersey, an exchange of Christmas gifts. There are men in their lives who love them, who are jealous and greedy for their affection, a husband for Carol and a boyfriend for Therese. They’re not Bad Guys; it’s more complicated than that. Carol and Therese know what they’re doing when they get in the car to drive west near the New Year, as much as any woman knows what she’s doing when refusing to give a name to the kindling flame she’s yearning to engulf her." - Autostraddle

Todd Haynes
Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson
Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible
Closed captioning
Not available due to film format


Wednesday, December 12