Christmas in Space - 2017

Series: Re-Run Theater

A Holiday Special Double Feature!

Bea Arthur is a bartender at the Mos Eisley cantina. Art Carney aids the Rebellion. Dianne Carroll sings seductively to Chewbacca’s father. Jefferson Starship entertains Imperial Stormtroopers. Boba Fett buys dope. A long time ago in a time called the 1970s in a television studio far, far away, Lucasfilm’s worst kept secret was aired on national television with the intention of being a one time only event. However, the miracle of home video taping made it possible for this show to live on through the ages.

It’s become a tradition to celebrate Life Day along with some of the strangest 70s and early 80s commercials on the big screen!

The devilishly hilarious BLACK ADDER CHRISTMAS CAROL opens the festivities!

Rowan Atkinson, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Miranda Richardson
Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening


Wednesday, December 20