Curated by Adam Sekuler and Choreographer Shannon Stewart

It’s one thing to see dancers in the flesh. It’s quite another to see them on film. This program of recent work by Northwest film and dance artists presents a cavalcade of kineticism for the screen.

Interpretive Site: Hanford Reach by Karn Junkinsmith and Adam Sekuler
Alternator by Rodrigo Valenzuela and Molly Sides
Transfer by Patrick Weishampel and tEEth
Contact by Mitchell Rose and Body Vox
In Transit by Meredith Horiuchi, Shannon Stewart, and Adam Sekuler
Prototype XXXX by Andra Rotaru, Robert Tyree, and Dicky Dahl
Airport Project by Alice Gosti
Guerilla Fire by Maria Allred
1922 by Adam Sekuler, Daniel Mimura, Shannon Stewart, Meredith Horiuchi, Rosa Vissers, David Wolbrecht, Aaron Swartzman, and Jeff Huston
White of Spring by Jacob Rosen and Kate Wallich



Thursday, June 27