Cinefamily at the Hollywood: 100 Most Outrageous F--ks

A psyche-shattering presentation featuring the most outrageous clips of copulation across the history of film! Since its inception, the motion picture has titillated our collective senses in more ways than you can shake a...well, let’s just say in a lot of ways. From the shiny mainstream to the slimy underground, from the restrained to the risqué, from the prudish to the piggish, sexual images have soaked cinema with their uncanny ability to turn peoples’ heads, curl their toes and make them feel all funny inside -- and since the Cinefamily truly believes in the Catherine Breillat-approved adage that “sex is comedy”, it’s time to get real funny. Tonight we celebrate the absolute finest in demented on-screen porkage, alongside every conceivable combination of limbs, lips, etc. Bring a date (or at least someone you need to broach certain topics with…)!

TICKETING: Purchase $12 / 2-Day Pass HERE OR $7 / show @ door


Saturday, July 14