Cinema Classics: Emperor of the North

A tribute to Ernest Borgnine! On Saturday-Sunday August 4th-5th at 2:00pm, Cinema Classics presents the made-in-Oregon film Emperor of the North!

Emperor of the North (1973) Driven to desperation by the Great Depression, a subculture of hobos hop freight trains to search for jobs. The hobos are truly hated by Shack (Ernest Borgnine), a ruthless railway conductor who swore that no hobo will ride his train for free. Well, no-one but “A” Number One (Lee Marvin), who is ready to put his life at stake to become a local legend – as the first person who survived the trip on Shack’s notorious train. Shot in Cottage Grove and loosely based on Jack London stories, this is a gripping action-adventure. Directed by Robert Aldrich (The Dirty Dozen)



Sunday, August 5