Cinema Project presents A Cinema of Mutual Respect: Palaces of Pity

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Artist in Attendance!

A History of Mutual Respect by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt – Brazil, Portugal, 2010, S16mm transferred to video, color, sound, 23 min., Produced by A Mutual Respect. Palácios de Pena / Palaces of Pity by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt – Portugal, 2011, S16mm transferred to video, color, sound, 58 min., Produced by A Mutual Respect.

The works in this two night program curated by Cinema Project all feature chimeric plots that revolve around the gravity of disquieting relationships. From frequent collaborators Daniel Schmidt, Gabriel Abrantes, and Alexander Carver, the films are seductively strange and grandly experimental. In “A History of Mutual Respect,” two young men looking to lose their virginity wander through the jungle in search of “pure” native women and in “Palaces of Pity” young teenage cousins are made to competitively antagonize one another as their ailing grandmother decides who will inherit her centuries old Lisbon estate (castle included). In all, dialogue tends to be slyly dubbed, producing an effect that is both unsettling and rapturous—just one example of the sort of uncanny aesthetic these filmmakers so expertly craft. Spatial and dense folly tracks embellish acid-washed images, which are distinctly filmic in texture and hue. Dialogue is often intersected by subtitles that introduce edits to the just-heard, further complicating any attempt to comprehend all that is seen, heard, and read. Artist Daniel Schmidt will be in attendance both April 21 and 23 to present and discuss the work.

Please note these works do contain moments of nudity and adult sexual content, which may not be appropriate for young audiences.



Tuesday, April 22