Classic Cable Cartoons & Sketches

RE-RUN THEATER continues it’s bold trek into the early years of Cable TV with CLASSIC CABLE CARTOONS & SKETCHES.

Saturday morning TV comes full circle.  When the kids who were glued to weekend cartoon series of the 60s, 70s and 80s grew up, they did not lose their love for twisted animation, surreal set design and frenetic pacing.  After the success of the movie HEAVY METAL it was clear that these generations weren’t going to out grow their childhoods.  What the broadcast networks didn’t see, the cable channels did, creating content for adult children.  A new wave of garage entertainment flourished in the long shadow of underground cartoons.  Now instead of relying on film festivals, aspiring sketch artists and animators could vie for the big time of cable TV.  Often times aping the styles of yesteryear, other times utilizing new, raw, punk (cheap) animation techniques, sometimes even re-using characters from long forgotten series (that were owned by the networks) in new, hilarious ways; an alternate universe of colorful, sometimes sick and twisted insanity emerged and grew.  Simultaneously the R-rated stations like HBO and Showtime started producing edgy, uncensored answers to long running sketch comedy institutions like SNL and The Tonight Show.

From MTV’s Liquid Television to the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, we at RE RUN have compiled a dizzying roller coaster of gut ripping hilarity and mind melting psychedelia.  You name it, we’re LIKELY showing a bit of it:  AEON FLUX, MR. SHOW, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, SEALAB 2021, BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD…you get the idea.  Those new to these programs and those who’ve watched them hundreds of times are still going to have trouble not hyperventilating or having a seizure before this event is over.  Parental discretion is STRONGLY advised.


Thursday, July 24