Colosio: The Assassination (Colosio: El Asesinato)

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From the beginning, 1994 was a turbulent year in México. In March, Donaldo Colosio, the presidential candidate of the ruling party (PRI), is assassinated after a political rally in Tijuana. The whole country is appalled. The solitary assassin is arrested, but immediately rumors start to circulate about a conspiracy. Andrés Vazquez, a military intelligence officer, is appointed to lead a secret investigation running parallel to the official one. Meanwhile, El Seco, another military officer who specializes in selective murders, receives the order to eliminate all witnesses and withdraw all forensic evidence. The closer Captain Andres gets to placing all the pieces of the intricate puzzle together, the more he endangers his girlfriend’s life and his own.

Awards: Winner of Best Latin American Actor (Daniel Gimenéz) Cacho at Malaga Spanish Film Festival 2013. Nominated for Best Editing at Mexican Cinema Journalist.

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Saturday, April 26