Con Air in Hecklevision

Series: Hecklevision

It’s been twenty years since Nicolas Cage, Jerry Bruckheimer and Simon West first brought Cameron Poe’s mullet to the big screen, and Hecklevision couldn’t let this anniversary pass without a revival screening of this overblown action classic!

CON AIR (1997):
Cameron Poe (Cage) is a former Army Ranger that takes things a little too far in a back-alley brawl and ends up with a manslaughter charge and a 10-year prison sentence. Finally up for parole, he’s placed on a prison flight home with a murderer’s row of actual murderers including criminal mastermind Cyrus “The Virus” (John Malkovich), who hijacks the flight. Now it’s Poe, with his tanktop and majestic hair, against a bunch of bad dudes and typical Bruckheimer excess. Explosions? Terrible one-liners? More explosions? Dave Chappelle? This film truly has it all!

This special screening is presented in HECKLEVISION. Text your jokes, heckles and commentary, and they'll appear instantly on screen.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.

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Sunday, June 25