Contromano (Bike Repair Shop)

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Saturday, October 22 at 9:15pm  |  $9  | 

US West Coast Film Premiere

As Turin, Italy, home of Fiat Automobiles, emerges from an era of automobile industry, the owners of two bicycle repair shops benefit from the city’s newfound interest in cycling – and recycling. Contromano is an intimate cinéma verité view into two distinctly different bike shops – their wildly unique cultures, staff and approach to their craft. One shop owner created his shop as a way to escape homelessness, now facing each day’s challenges with an irreverent and adult sense of humor. The other sees the “protocol” of his work as an extension of his study of philosophy, taking on troubled youths as bike repair apprentices in hopes of helping others. Profound, funny, and real, CONTROMANO is a testimony to the power of the bike as a tool of transformation: for the climate, for cities, and for the lives of individuals.

Community Sponsor & Partner: 
River City Bicycles

73 minutes
Stefano Gabbiani