Conversations with Gay Elders

Series: QDoc

This is part of QDoc 2017
QDoc co-founder and filmmaker David Weissman (THE COCKETTES, WE WERE HERE) presented excerpts from his CONVERSATIONS WITH GAY ELDERS project at our 2016 QDoc Festival. This year he returns with a recently completed CONVERSATION featuring Portland resident Kerby Lauderdale.

CONVERSATIONS WITH GAY ELDERS is a series of in-depth interviews and conversational documentaries focused on gay men whose journeys of self-discovery precede the era of Stonewall and gay liberation. It is a cross-generational collaboration, in which 62-year-old Weissman works in partnership with gay men in their 20s and 30s as editors to profile gay men in their 70s and 80s. Conversations with Gay Elders explores how these men navigated being “different” long before there was any social or political context for a positive LGBT self-image.

The interview subject, Kerby Lauderdale, has been active in Portland’s LGBT community since the early 1980s. The father of Pink Martini founder Thomas Lauderdale, Kerby’s story differs from others in the series because he was in a heterosexual marriage for many years. The editor of this piece is Michiel Thomas, who directed the 2015 QDoc opening night film, GAME FACE.

Director David Weissman, subject Kerby Lauderdale, and editor Michiel Thomas in attendance!

Sponsored by: Bill Dickey

David Weissman
70 mins
Assistive Listening


Sunday, May 21