Crime Story / Wiseguy

Series: Re-Run Theater

It’s an '80s Crime Noir TV double feature!  These series drew praise and controversy for having the now-common practice of a serialized as opposed to episodic format.

From producer Michael Mann, in the wake of his success with MIAMI VICE, comes CRIME STORY.  Set against the backdrop of 1963 Chicago and its jazz scene, Mike Torello, head of a special Organized Crime Strike Force, obsessively tries to bring down ruthless mobster Ray Luca as he wipes out his competition and rises to the top. 

WISEGUY involves a deep cover operative named Vinnie Terranova who infiltrates the Atlantic City Mafia and works his way up to become its leader’s right hand man. 

Both shows were part of the New Wave of American Crime Dramas that were highlighted by flashy, fast-paced direction and sudden violence. 

Dennis Farina, Ken Wahl, Michael Madsen, Miles Davis
Wheelchair accessible
Assistive Listening