Curse of the Demon

Series: Cinema Classics

For our October Cinema Classics screenings, we present Jacques Tourneur’s classic thriller on 35mm! The screening on 10/13 is free for Hollywood Theatre Members.

CURSE OF THE DEMON (1957): Dana Andrews stars as American psychologist John Holden, who travels to England to debunk the concept of the supernatural. When a colleague turns up dead, Holden is drawn into an occult underworld and soon finds himself the target of a deadly curse. Aided by a feisty school teacher (Peggy Cummins) who may hold the key to breaking the curse, Holden attempts to expose the diabolical plot of a murderous cult before he becomes the next victim.

With a script by Charles Bennett, known for his work with Alfred Hitchcock, and Tourneur's masterful use of subtle suggestion, threatening atmosphere, and eerie special effects, CURSE OF THE DEMON is arguably one of the most spellbinding horror films ever made.

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Saturday, October 13