Dark Crystal

Series: Family Pictures

Family Pictures presents a 35mm print of the 1982 Jim Henson classic The Dark Crystal.

1,000 years ago the crystal cracked, and the spirits of the UrSkek were divided into the peaceful Mystics and the evil Skeksis . A prophecy was written that stated if a Gelfling healed the crystal, the world would be renewed and the UrSkek would be reunited. Due to the prophecy, the Skeksis hunted down and killed all the Gelflings.

The last Gelfling left on Thra , a male named Jen , was saved and raised by the Mystics. Jen is sent by his dying master on a journey to heal the Dark Crystal . If Jen succeeds, the world will be saved; but if Jen fails, the Skeksis will rule the land forever. On his quest to The Castle of the Crystal , Jen meets Kira , another Gelfling. The two must battle the evil Skeksis and save Thra.



Sunday, July 27