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Daughters of Darkness

The Hollywood Theatre crawls closer to Halloween with all-time Eurohorror classic DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS!

Newlyweds Valerie and Stefan stop at a grand hotel in Belgium, coincidentally on the same stormy night as a timeless woman calling herself Countess Bathory (Delphine Seyrig), whom the hotel clerk swears he saw 40 years earlier as a child.

An unforgettable performance by the legendary Seyrig, style for days, surprising queerness on all fronts, and an incredible score (sampled in hip-hop the world over) by François de Roubaix, Harry Kümel’s DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS isn’t just a lesbian vampire movie – it’s a deep, seductive, and unforgettably moody horror masterpiece that paved the way for THE HUNGER and countless successors.

Guest passes accepted.

Year 1971
Format Digital
Runtime 100min
Wheelchair accessible No
Assistive Listening Available


Monday, October 28