Deafula in 16mm

The Oregon Historical Society presents a one-time only, just in time for Halloween, screening of the Oregon made film Deafula . The first 35mm feature film performed completely in American Sign Language, Deafula was shot in Portland and tells the timeworn story of a man coming to realize he may, in fact, be a vampire. The plot includes a magical ring, a handless servant named Zork and a showdown between Deafula and Dracula.

The film was produced using a mix of both hearing and deaf actors and this will be the first theatrical screening in Portland in almost 49 years - last showing at the Paramount Theatre in 1975. Hearing audience members are not excluded as there is a soundtrack with a translation of the dialogue . . . and a music track.

At the time of its release, the Oregon Journal called the film “more than a mere curiosity. At its best it is an education for the hearing in a new way of perceiving reality” and the LA Times noted that “ Deafula is an admirable achievement which speaks with sad laughter.”

Screening on 16mm. Producer Gary Holstrom will be on hand for a Q&A following the screening.

Wheelchair accessible


Thursday, October 12