Demolition Man

“Mellow Greetings. What seems to be your boggle?”

Imagine your 1996 self waking up in the year 2032. You’ve been cryogenically frozen and interred in a future prison, for a crime you did not commit. Bewildered at your surroundings, you find that you’ve been thawed out to re-capture the insane clown of a criminal that was once your nemesis, and his name is Simon Phoenix. Also imagine that bathrooms no longer provide toilet paper; they provide three seashells. For not knowing how to use these, Rob Schneider mocks you. If that’s not enough, in 2032, all restaurants are called Taco Bell.

Now you know what it’s like to be Sylvester Stallone in DEMOLITION MAN, in which he plays LAPD super cop John Spartan, who in 1996 goes up against his arch rival, Simon Phoenix. Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes, blows up a factory full of hostages and blames Spartan–and they both end up going to cryo-prison until 2032, when they are awakened and set loose again. The peaceful future society, controlled by the nefarious Dr. Cocteau, has been so subdued that it has no idea how to handle total violence–which is exactly what Stallone and Snipes bring.

There’s so many well-known actors in this movie–we’re not used to this! We’ve got Denis Leary as Edgar Friendly, the leader of the resistance who lives in the sewers and eats rat burgers. Sandra Bullock is Stallone’s future-muse, Lieutenant Lenina Huxley. Benjamin Bratt plays Officer Alfredo Garcia (odd Peckinpah reference!), Bullock’s partner on the force. There’s even Jack Black, who plays someone named Wasteland Scrap, and is on-screen for less than a second. Directed by Marco Brambilla.


Wednesday, October 8