Design Week Film - The Enclave

Presented in partnership with The Portland Art Museum (“PAM”) and Design Week: Film.

As part of Design Week Portland, Brian Ferriso and Chris Riley preview The Enclave (2013), prior to its opening at PAM.  While scaled to fit on one screen at the Hollywood, at PAM The Enclave will feature Richard Mosse’s stunning six-channel, immersive video installation captured using infrared 16mm film in the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, in its entirety. The disorienting and kaleidoscopic installation, which premiered at the 2013 Venice Biennale, will take up an entire floor at the Portland Art Museum. It is intended to formally parallel Eastern Congo’s multifaceted conflict, confounding expectations and forcing the viewer to interact physically and spatially from an array of differing viewpoints.

Brian Ferriso, The Marilyn H. and Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Director, Portland Art Museum
Chris Riley, Founder, Studioriley


Thursday, October 9