DJ Anjali Presents: Bollywood at the Hollywood Featuring DON

DJ Anjali kicks off Bollywood at the Hollywood with the feature film Don .

Don weaves a story of revenge and subterfuge, when the title character, the “don” of a crime syndicate murders a member of his gang. Now the dead man’s wife and sister want Don to pay dearly for his crimes. Caught in the crossfire between the women, his gang, and the police - a strange impostor shows up to take his place. What will become of Don? the gang? or this new guy that knows all of Don’s moves?

One of Box Office India’s hits, Don has gained cult status in India. This blockbuster foreign film was directed by Chandra Barot featuring music by Kalyanji Anandji.

Masala Pop will be serving up a tasty, Indian-spiced popcorn snack mix handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy a night of Bollywood at the Hollywood!



Friday, February 1