Dog's Paradise

Series: POW Film Fest

Dog's Paradise { 111 MIN / Russian Federation } DIR: Anna Tchernakova
Moscow, summer of 1953, three months after the death of Stalin. Tanya, an eleven-year old girl, meets a boy, Mitya. He and his family have just returned from exile in the Russian Far East. Tanya learns that Mitya had to leave behind his best friend, a dog called Hector, and is eager for his dog to join him in Moscow, but the adults declare it impossible. A large city is no place for a dog. In an attempt to prove the adults wrong, Mitya and Tanya decide to create the perfect home for him in an empty sealed room they find in the building. During their adventures, Tanya discovers more and more about Mita's family - things that even Mitya himself doesn't know: why they were sent to exile, why they stubbornly insist on celebrating the New Year in the middle of the summer, and how Mitya became an orphan with his parents still alive. She says nothing to Mitya, knowing that the truth can be hurtful, and that sometimes lies are necessary to protect a person. | Director in Attendance

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Sunday, March 9