Donor Milk

Every human baby deserves human milk.

Every grieving parent deserves to heal.

Human milk is immunologically and nutritionally perfect for babies.

Human milk-fed babies are healthier and smarter.

Through the eyes of grieving and giving mothers, this documentary film seeks to educate viewers on the absolute importance of breastfeeding our babies and provides options for those who cannot to locate human milk.

Leading experts in the field of obstetrics, human milk pasteurization, health economics, and nutrition provide insights never before captured in a documentary about donor human milk.  The film visits non-profit Human Milk Banking Association donor centers all across the United States, the for-profit corporation that has developed the first-ever human milk fortifier, and the hundreds of donor moms and families whose stories will touch and change your life.

The common thread connecting the interviews will be the stories of grieving mothers as they accept their loss and turn the love for their child’s memory into a passionate gift of life-saving milk to other mothers and children in desperate need.  As the Chair of the UK Milk Banking Association says, “We can never forget the donors.  Because without the donors, there would be no milk.”



Thursday, August 9