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Dr. Giggles

Series: #OregonMade Film Series

#OregonMade Films' placement within the horror genre needs to be properly recognized, and that can really only be done by the Milwaukie-based Dark Horse Entertainment's 1992 production of DR. GIGGLES. Larry Drake plays the eponymous title character as the crazy son of a crazy heart surgeon who seeks revenge on the small town that killed his dad. Dr. Giggles doesn't discriminate, and kills teenagers, cops, old lady busybodies, and anyone else who gets in his way.

Holly Marie Combs (CHARMED, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) stars alongside Portland locations like Franklin High School and Oaks Amusement Park. It’s the perfect pathway to autumn nights and Halloween hi-jinx.

Guest passes accepted.

Year 1992
Format Digital
Runtime 96min
Wheelchair accessible No
Assistive Listening Available