Dr. Hospital

Sunday, March 22 at 4:00pm  |  $5  |

Full Life, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities, proudly presents the premiere of DR. HOSPITAL with the documentary WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.

WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT is a portrait of Leslie, a woman living with developmental disabilities in Portland, Oregon. Leslie is the (self-proclaimed) World's Greatest Barry Manilow fan and she is eagerly awaiting Barry's first album of new material in a decade. She's tired of the oldies. She's fed up with Copacabana. She's ready for something new and she's "tingling with anticipation." WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT is directed by Robert Duncan Gray and Leslie Clifford.

DR. HOSPITAL follows the lives of two doctors with a friendship destined for greatness. Henry Hospital (Ian Druse, Keith Sanders) and Edward Rival (Chris Mitchell) meet in medical school and bond over their shared interest in all things paranormal. Over time, distance grows between them. Dr. Hospital spirals into obsession over a series of gruesome murders, and Dr. Rival accepts a position at a hospital many miles away. They reunite when Dr. Rival’s emergency room is flooded with mysterious bloody bodies. He has seen this before and sends for his friend. Dr. Hospital, desperate to explain the conundrum that has plagued his past, answers the call immediately. The driven doctor throws himself into the case but soon finds his world shattered when his supervisors disagree with his methods. Lost and alone, Dr. Hospital watches on as more heinous murders headlines the evening news. His hands are tied until one fateful night, he receives an unlikely visit. With his faith renewed, he teams up with fellow believers (Anthony Baker, Amanda Tartar, Stacey Boyko) to put a stop to these crimes and to save the life of his most cherished friend.

DR. HOSPITAL aims to prove that the bonds of friendship can never be broken and that, over all evil, love can save the day.

Full Life has operated in Portland, Oregon since 1999. Founder Rachel Bloom and her staff provide not only recreational programming via Full Life, but employment opportunities through their not for profit organization, UpLife and their social enterprise Happy Cup Coffee Company. Full Life currently serves nearly 150 adults with a wide variety of abilities. For more information visit fulllife.com.



Sunday, March 22