DR. WHO at 60

Series: Re-Run Theater

To celebrate sixty years since the first broadcast of DR. WHO, we are screening one of the most popular episodes ever.

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his traveling companions Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) are intercepted by his ancient race the Time Lords to deal with a situation on a war torn planet.

They wander an apocalyptic landscape littered with corpses and land mines, stalked by mutants and otherworldly fascists locked in an endless conflict.  The Doctor soon discovers that a new weapon is being created by a power mad, deformed dictator named Davros.  An ancient and powerful enemy has been spawned that will soon grow into a relentless rolling robot army that believes itself superior to all other races.  And is programmed to know only one solution to those who are weaker than they:  EXTERMINATE!

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Wheelchair accessible
Open Captions (subtitles)
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