Doctor Who: The Invasion of Time

Series: Re-Run Theater

Re-Run Theater presents an epic six part episode of DR. WHO: THE INVASION OF TIME!

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) returns to his home planet of Gallifrey with two companions in tow: the wild warrior woman Leela (Louise Jameson) and the rolling robot dog K-9. He immediately begins acting aloof as events transpire that enable him to assume the mantel of Time Lord President. Once in power, he banishes Leela to the wasteland outside the Time Lord Capital and seems to be in collusion with a sinister group of energy based invading aliens. As Leela joins forces with a renegade band of outcasts that are mounting a revolution and K-9 goes on a series of covert missions, it becomes clear that this is all part of a master plan to save (or doom) time as we know it!

Vintage Sci Fi Toy ads will be played between each Chapter.
Gerald Blake
160 mins.
dr. who invasion of time