Dracula: A Modern Silent Film

Director Mark Andres and composer Rachel Knight in attendance!

A hybrid of early silent cinema and the graphic novel that the director, Mark Andres, calls “a kinographic novel,” Dracula is an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel comprised of still drawings, silent film inter titles (artwork and adaptation are by Andres) and full music score by Rachel Knight. Dracula won best animated film at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Los Angeles in May.  In his review Andy Boylan called it  “A work of art and a labor of love” (Taliesien Meets the Vampires). Although better known as a painter in Portland (he is showing paintings at Augen Gallery in August and drawings from Dracula in September), Andres’ films have been official selections in festivals in Los Angeles and New York where they have won awards.


Tuesday, August 30