Driving William Documentary Screenings and Fundraiser

The documentary Driving William will be screened at The Hollywood Theatre in hopes of generating more exposure and fundraising for William Smith, a 12-year old South African boy who is a double arm amputee and is in dire need of prosthetic arms.William’s story: Why would a 12-year-old boy climb up a high voltage power pylon? If you’re a curious William Smith who has a fascination with birds, the answer is: to retrieve a nest. Reaching up for that nest is the last thing William remembers before regaining consciousness at The Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. William’s severe electrocution resulted in a double arm amputation and 4 months in the Red Cross Burns Unit undergoing intensive rehabilitation. It was also an important period of redefining himself and adapting to a life without arms.

"William is the bravest and most determined child I have ever worked with!" says Sascha Archer, Art Therapist at Red Cross. "William’s recovery has been miraculous. He paints and writes with his mouth and feet, has learnt to swim like a dolphin in the Red Cross pool, plays music with his feet, takes photographic self-portraits with his chin, has learnt to speak fluent English and has mastered using a laptop with a pen in his mouth.” Sascha, looking for ways to give William a voice to help him express what he has endured and overcome, met with filmmaker Jo Higgs from Go Trolley Films. Jo agreed to make a documentary, which captures the struggles, accomplishments and joys of William’s rehabilitation. The documentary is now complete and has been titled Driving William and will be shown at the Hollywood Theatre on August 17 th at 7:15pm and 8:15pm.



Thursday, August 18