Ed Wood Appreciation Night

Series: Repressed Cinema

Repressed Cinema brings two seldom seen Ed Wood, Jr. movies to the big screen.

7:30pm: REVENGE OF THE VIRGINS (1959) Directed by Pete Perry Jr, written by Ed Wood (as Pete La Roche). Tenderfoot Burton and his wife join forces with an old prospector to search for the rich gold strike the old-timer claims to know of. Along with a couple of no-account gunslingers, they ride deep into the mountains to find the gold, unaware that the treasure is guarded by a deadly all-female tribe. Presented in 16mm.

9:00pm: NIGHT OF THE FOOLS (2004) Directed by Ace Fronton. An otherworldly encounter with alien beings gives director Edward D. Wood, Jr. a telepathic inspiration for his next picture! After a night of dining and drinks, Ed and a small crew of loyal friends - Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Vampira, and the amazing Criswell - discuss plans for his new project, Grave-Robbers from Outer Space. As the wine flows and tongues loosen, no one notices when Ed is drawn off into the night by a strange glow from space... A docu-drama by, and for, diehard fans of Ed Wood! Shot on 16mm, presented on video.

There will be an Ed Wood related pre-show too!

Guest passes accepted.

1959, 2004
61min, 60min
16mm, Digital
Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible
Closed captioning