Elijah Hasan: Three the Hard Way

Three Films produced by Elijah Hasan. With a cumulative sum of 16 years in the making, the Hollywood Theatre hosts an afternoon with the Portland artist showcasing his latest works.

RHYTHM AND ROMANCE features Chuck Israels and his jazz orchestra he's assembled since arriving here in Portland. It chronicles key mile posts during his extensive career as a Jazz musician leading up to the decision to settle in the City of Roses. Directed by Elijah Hasan. 37 mins.

LAYING AWAKE - A young pioneer's consciousness is awakened during a dream in this conceptual silent film. Directed by Elijah Hasan. 8 mins.

ALL CAPS is an experimental narrative. Striking a balance between comedy and drama, the film explores the toll convenience and technology have had on human interaction, the fragile nature of relationships, and the insecurities that haunt us all. Written and directed by Elijah Hasan. 7 mins.


Sunday, August 23