Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

The sprawling slum that surrounds Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous places on earth, so as the head of Special Police Operations, Captain Nascimento has seen his share of intense situations. When a mission to stop a prison riot ends in the violent death of a gang leader, Nascimento finds himself held responsible…but the citizens of Rio, tired of the crime and drugs that plague their city, embrace him as a national hero. Instead of being fired, he finds himself promoted. In his new powerful position, he brings the gangs that rule the slums to their knees, but quickly discovers that he’s only made things even easier for the corrupt cops and politicians that are truly running the game. Now, Nascimento must confront his true enemies, who are much more dangerous…and sitting just down the hall. A masterful and critically acclaimed crime thriller from the writer of City of God and the director of Bus 174.



Friday, December 23