The Fabulous Allan Carr

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This is part of QDoc 2017
"For someone who spent most of his Hollywood career behind the scenes, Allan Carr lived a lavish lifestyle that was made for the spotlight. There were sexual escapades, glitz and glamour, and even some backstabbing twists for good measure.

"Carr first made a name for himself as a successful producer when he overdubbed a low-budget movie about a real-life disaster and turned it into the smash film SURVIVE! He went on to mastermind legendary projects like GREASE, TOMMY, THE DEER HUNTER, and the beloved Broadway musical 'La Cage Aux Folles.'

"He also developed a reputation for his flamboyant persona, parading around in colorful caftans while throwing wild partieswith boy toys and 'bowls of cocaine and quaaludes.' But his star soon faded after a string of disasters: GREASE 2, The Village People bomb 'Can’t Stop the Music,' and the infamous 1989 Academy Awards — which had an opening number that was so tacky, many of Carr’s own peers publicly condemned it.

"Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz (past QDoc favorites I AM DIVINE, TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL, VITO), THE FABULOUS ALLAN CARR brings this complex character to life through cheeky animated sequences and heartfelt interviews with close friends including Marlo Thomas, Connie Stevens, Lorna Luft, and Bruce Vilanch.

"'Allan was from the last era of the big dreamers,' a friend recalls. 'There will never be another.'" —Jimmy Radosta

Director Jeffrey Schwarz in attendance!

Sponsored by: Howie Bierbaum, Molly King

Jeffrey Schwarz
90 mins
Assistive Listening
The Fabulous Allan Carr


Saturday, May 20