Fantastic Worlds: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Intergalactic space travel! Strange, alien life forms! Magicians, mad scientists, mecha, mythology, and mayhem! Fantastic Worlds delivers ten outstanding short films from the outer limits of imagination.

Here's some of what you'll see: Bizarre alien invaders from another world enslave a Stone Age tribe of earthlings. A gigantic robot rebuilds and rehabilitates a human boy who was left discarded on a trash heap. In a future where technology is replaced by spells and magical creatures, two wise-cracking roommates go out shopping for a new household guardian. A modern-day Medusa lures both a pickpocket and policeman into her deadly lair. Spaceship damaged, an interstellar traveler comes face-to-face with her childhood self, and finds new inspiration to explore the universe.

The final film of the show, "Astronaut of Featherweight," is undoubtably one of the most unique examples of science fiction cinema you'll ever see... Transhumanist astronauts leave their bodies behind to harvest ectoplasm on a time-traveling planet that exists outside of normal space and time. More unpredictably strange and psychedelic than "2001: A Space Odyssey," and generally unavailable in the USA, this is one eye-opening experience not to be missed!

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass

97 mins
Wheelchair accessible