Fantastic Worlds: Sci-Fi & Fantasy 2017

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Intergalactic space travel! Strange, alien life forms! Mad scientists, mutants, and mayhem! Fantastic Worlds delivers five outstanding short films about interplanetary travel — plus one astonishing, hour-long adventure to the outer limits of imagination: "Nova Seed."

Some of what you'll see: A Mars colonist tasked with making tasteful graphic design gets laid off, and has to come to terms with unemployment on another planet. In a distant solar system, the arrival of a wayward comet causes native life to conjoin and transform under the mysterious influence of LOVE. A rip in the space-time continuum briefly reunites an astronaut with the dead man who used to be his lover. A rogue geologist commits her life to uncovering the red planet's secret history before the green of terraforming covers it forever.

In "Nova Seed," a heroic man/lion mutant escapes enslavement, rescues a girl possessing the power to conjure life from barren sand, and battles Mad Doctor Mindskull's kaiju-sized grab for world domination. Rendered entirely in traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, this film is all the more amazing because it was completed by a single virtuoso animator working 15-hour to 18-hour days over the course of four years! Festival alumnus Nick DiLiberto (Medusa, 2010), is driven to rekindle the wild spirit of Sci Fi that used to exist in "Liquid Television" and "Heavy Metal," and which first inspired him to pursue animation. His debut feature is jam-packed with incredible aerial fight scenes, complex camera moves and future tech, and an exuberantly quirky cast of non-human characters.

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103 min
Assistive Listening


Saturday, May 13