Far From Home

Wednesday, March 11 at 7:00pm  |  $8  |

Oregon Historical Society presents: Far From Home: Pages of Death and other films that have very little to do with Oregon

From the vaults of the Oregon Historical Society comes an evening of 16mm orphan films that have one thing in common: we aren’t exactly sure why we have them. Mission statements and collection policies can only get you so far; best intentions occasionally fall well short. In addition to Pages of Death, a pro-censorship gem from 1962, expect to see anything from safety and educational films to slide shows and groovy trailers. Come enjoy the few bits of far flung A/V material that have managed to sneak past the archivists over the years.

PAGES OF DEATH (27 minutes) was produced by the Citizens for Decent Literature and introduced by Tom Harmon - father of Mark Harmon(Summer School). To quote Jim Linderman in Vintage Sleaze , Pages of Death tells the story of a fellow named "Paul Halliday who hung out reading pornography at Baker's Variety Store until he couldn't stand it any longer and murdered a girl in a whipped up frenzy of smut inspired rage.” Why do we have a print of this film? Hard to say for sure.

Running time approximately 70 minutes.
All films will be shown on 16mm.


Thursday, March 12