Farang: A Benefit for America's First Foodie

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This encore screening of Farang: The Story of Chef Andy Ricker, a MUNCHIES.TV production, will benefit the upcoming documentary, America's First Foodie: the Incredible Life of James Beard. “Farang,” is the Thai word for “white foreigner.” When Andy Ricker opened his first Portland-based Thai restaurant, Pok Pok, it was unlike any other in the United States. Today, he’s chef and owner of seven restaurants nationwide, with a massive cult following. Farang explores Andy’s relentless, 25-year-old obsession with a country, its culture, and food practices-an obsession that’s bridged the gap between regional Thai cuisine and Western palates.

America’s First Foodie is a feature-length documentary chronicling the life of James Beard. Beard, dubbed by The New York Times as the “Dean of American Cookery,” spoke and wrote frequently of the importance of localism and sustainability, long before today’s farm-to-table movement became fashionable. A cookbook author, journalist, television host and teacher, Beard was a “celebrity-chef” before that was even a term.

The James Beard Awards are now considered to be the Academy Awards of the food world. However, although his name is synonymous with excellence, many people know little about the man behind the medal. America’s First Foodie aims to change this.

America’s First Foodie Director Beth Federici will be present for a Q&A after the screening.



Monday, October 13