Reality Bites

Series: Fashion in Film

Open any time capsule devoted to the early 1990s and, if the curator has done it right, a shining copy of REALITY BITES awaits. The Rom-Com-Dram features Winona Ryder (as Lelaina Pierce) fired from her production job and attempting to find herself while juggling feelings for both the angsty musician Troy Dyer (Ethan Hawke at his hottest) and a yuppie faux MTV exec played by Ben Stiller. Joining along this Generation X ride is Janeane Garofalo as the disco-loving/GAP-employee roommate with some of the best lines (“Evian is naïve spelled backwards!”) and Steve Zahn who is struggling to come out to his parents. In addition to the fantastic clothes, smoke-filled scenes, references to Melrose Place, and slackerism at its best, the movie is also responsible for Lisa Loeb’s song “Stay.”

REALITY BITES is part of the Fashion in Film series curated by Eden Dawn, wardrobe stylist and Fashion Editor of Portland Monthly, and Marjorie Skinner, writer, stylist, and founding author of the Portland Mercury’s Sold Out fashion column. Together the two have written the majority of fashion coverage for our fair city and have an intense catalog of inspirational films influencing their style decisions.



Friday, April 15