Fateful Findings

One film above all others rocked 2012's edition of the annual Austin, TX ritual Butt-Numb-A-Thon — and to everyone’s surprise, it was neither mega-budget superhero fodder, nor routine genre exercise. We’re talking about the third out-of-left-field film from writer/producer/director/star Neil Breen, whose quixotic cinematic journey Cinefamily’s been charting with active interest since his first unique foray. Outside the confines of the Hollywood dream factory, and outside the norms of traditional storytelling, Breen’s growing body of work ( Double Down , I Am Here….Now , and now, Fateful Findings ) bears an abundance of heart, melding the traditions of hard sci-fi, covert action thriller, tender romance and phantasmagorical fantasy into a single streamlined style unmistakably his alone. Here, Breen plays a man working through childhood traumas as he maintains success both as an author and as the world’s greatest computer hacker. As befits Breen’s career-spanning thesis about abuse of power, and the havoc it wreaks on the average citizen, his hero also uncovers devastating secrets hidden behind the curtains of government and Big Business.



Sunday, March 2