FILMUSIK Organ Grinders Present Buster Keaton's "Sherlock, Jr." and "The Goat"

If you have not heard the good news, In The Country will be gracing us with their scandanavian brilliance for a concert of silent film and jazz. They recently won The 2011 Independent Music Award for best long film for their CD/DVD Sights & Sounds and are here as one of only 3 stops on their US tour. On May 24th Organ Grinders is presenting a film and band combo more awesome and outrageous than anything that could have appeared to us in feverish dreams. A silent film that few have heard of and fewer have seen: The Wizard of OZ (1925). An adaptation so bizarre that if you play Dark Side of the Moon along with it… well, honestly it does not really work at all. However what does work is the new soundtrack cooked up by Norway’s In The Country, special guests at the 2010 Portland Jazz Festival.



Friday, April 20