FILMUSIK Organ Grinders Presents "The Man With The Movie Camera"

Coming up next, we have a really exciting show over at the Hollywood, a setting of one of the first experimental films ever made.  An experimental film calls for an experimental score. Portland rock duo, Bear & Moose will be providing a live score for Dziga Vertov’s 1929 avant-garde classic Man With A Movie Camera.

ORGAN GRINDERS - From under the screen, the sounds of modern groups are paired with movies from a different era, updating the genre of Silent Film accompaniment to the sounds around us today. Organ Grinders revisits the original vision of the Hollywood Theatre, built in 1926 with an orchestra pit and a hydraulically ascending theatre organ.

Praise for Bear & Moose

The album also has an impressively full sound, capturing the duo’s combination of bluesy swagger and the cumulus-scraping highs of psychedelia, considering the duo recorded almost all of it live in the studio. -Willamette Week

Their debut Bear/Moose is a double LP brimming with shimmering guitars and loads of sugarcoated harmonies and hooks. -The Portland Mercury

Bear & Moose is certainly a band well worth keeping an eye on. -Stereo Subversion

“Bear & Moose have put together some of the most compelling music of the year. Yeah, the songs are great, but the way they’re played here is otherworldly.” -Aiding & Abetting

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Friday, March 16