FILMUSIK: The Grand Duel

Philipp Wermeer has been framed for the murder of a powerful figure known as The Patriarch. Wermeer escapes, but the three Saxon brothers, sons of The Patriarch, have arranged for a large bounty on Wermeer’s head. Clayton is a grizzled ex-sheriff stripped of his office in Jefferson after refusing to acknowledge Wermeer’s guilt. During a series of fire-fights, Clayton contrives to help Wermeer escape from attacks of bounty-hunters. Together, the two make their way to Jefferson, where they can confront the three powerful Saxon brothers, and reveal the surprising truth about who killed The Patriarch.

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The Grand Duel

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Portland, Oregon’s Fedrale plays music that evokes 1960s Italian-made Western films. Formed in 2005 by six musicians, including members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre , Federale set out to re-capture the haunting, violent atmosphere illustrated in classic films such as A Fistful of Dollars and Once Upon a Time in the West . Federale ’s orchestral sound is created by combining the sounds of Native American flutes, trumpets, keyboards, a male choir, timpani and melodic whistling, all rounded out with dueling drums and guitars. On stage, Federale can include as many as fourteen musicians.


Sunday, July 31