Filmusik: Turkish Rambo

"When Rambo is outlawed, only outlaws make Rambo movies."

This October, Filmusik is bringing a treasure from the vaults to the big screen in the United States for the first time since its 1983 release. Vahsi Kan, Yerli Rambo (1983) is a nearly scene-by-scene remake of its American counterpart, adding a few flourishes along the way (notably, zombies and bulldozers). The films stars Cüneyt Arkin, the Turkish action legend (of Turkish Star Wars fame). Filmusik works with a diverse cast of Portland’s voice-over actors, dubbing the film into English from the original (Turkish) script. A new orchestral soundtrack from composer Justin Ralls is premiered live on stage at the Hollywood Theatre. Sound effects designers and Foley artists toil away on stage, punching, rustling and blasting their way through nearly 30 minutes of jungle combat to match every footstep and hand grenade. Filmusik: Turkish Rambo is a chance to see a film from an alternate universe, a mathematical proof that parallel dimensions exist. A proof that they might be more awesome than our own, their karate might be better, their guns larger and they undeniable have way more zombies and bulldozers.



Sunday, October 27