FILMUSIK: Warriors of the Wasteland


Blazing a swath of machine oil and ruined silver dune-buggies, Filmusik brings a new soundtrack and sonic world to the grandest Road Warrior rip-off every to come out of Italy; Warriors of the Wasteland (Il Nuovi Barbari)! If you thought kung-fu was hard work for the Foley (sound effect) artists at Filmusik, wait till you see them at work on this summer popcorn and gelato flick. Keeping 5 chainsaws running while matching the exploding arrow tips of our fearless protagonists is no easy task!

With an original soundtrack composed by Kyle Williams and performed live by Portland chamber ensemble Retake, Warriors of the Wasteland is being brought to the big screen in the USA for those who can stomach it. All the dialog is dubbed into English with a team of local voice-over artists including James Dineen, Bobby Burmea, David Loftus and Mark Homayoun.

Warriors of the Wasteland (1982) is a raunchy post-apocalyptic B movie that delivers unintentional laughs and ridiculous action. Following nuclear war, humanity is reduced to a few starving groups. A ruthless gang called “The Templars” constantly raid settlers in an attempt to exterminate everyone in order to purge the Earth. Scorpion, a former Templar, along with his allies (an unnamed blonde child and a bow-and-arrow wielding rambler named Nadir) prevents a small band of religious colonists from being massacred by the Templars. Think Mad Max 2 with Shaft as a co-star.

On August 4th and 5th at 10pm, Filmusik’s Late Night crew is tearing up the stage for an inspired soundtrack performance of mayhem and metal. If you haven’t been to a Filmusik show yet, you’re in for a treat. Seeing a film with voice acting adds a spontaneous and hilarious feel unlike anything you’ve seen while the sound effects artists with their chainsaws, sheet metal and assorted fruit create a rare and unique experience. Don’t miss this truly awesome collaborative event, combining the brightest of Portland’s stage and sound artists.


Saturday, August 6