FILMUSIK's Organ Grinder Series presents "The Cameraman's Revenge"

As part of the new Organ Grinders series taking place at the Hollywood Theatre this year, Portland instrumental duo Sallo premieres an original soundtrack for some of the strangest celluloid of the silent era: Mest' kinematograficheskogo operatora or The Cameraman's Revenge. Made in 1911 by Vladislaw Starewicz, it is one of the first works of stop motion animation.  Painstakingly posing dead insects, the Russian filmmaker crafted his story of infidelity in the lives of beetles complete with a grasshopper on a moped and a projectionist diving from a flaming booth.

ORGAN GRINDERS: The Cameraman's Revenge
October 14th - 9:30pm
Hollywood Theatre - $12
Tickets available at the Hollywood Theatre Box Office and


Based out of Portland, Oregon. FILMUSIK is a collaborative performance group of musicians, composers and actors creating a unique movie experience by performing a new soundtrack for classic films live in the pit.

Whether it’s a vocal chorus wailing away to a spaghetti western gunfight, voice actors dubbing the cartoon characters of Gulliver’s Travels or sound effects (foley) artists smashing crates together for a Japanese monster invasion, seeing professional performers creating sound for the movies live makes for an unforgettable experience.



Saturday, October 15