Series: Cinema Classics

Cinema Classics presents a 35mm print of Tod Browning's Pre-Code horror classic FREAKS!

FREAKS (1932): In a society formed by the various performers of a traveling circus, a beautiful but conniving trapeze artist named Cleopatra convinces sideshow midget Hans to dump his fiancee Frieda and marry her instead, scheming to get her hands on his fortune. At the wedding feast, Cleopatra tells the "freaks" who come to celebrate their friend Hans' marriage just what she thinks of them and reveals her ongoing affair with circus strongman Hercules. Cleopatra and Hercules conspire to poison Hans so Cleopatra will inherit his wealth. When the freaks find out, they come together to stop her. 

Banned in Great Britain and other countries for more than three decades, FREAKS is a rarity among horror films—a deeply felt, humanistic exploration of the true nature of monstrosity.

64 minutes
Tod Browning
Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams, Olga Baclanova


Sunday, October 18