Giuseppe Makes a Movie

A documentary about a renegade, independent trailer-park filmmaker!

In Ventura, CA, Giuseppe Andrews makes movies in his trailer park where he grew up. A former child actor, Giuseppe is inspired by the crazy independent filmmakers of history: Bunuel, Cassavetes and Fassbinder.

Obsessed with the edges of society, dirty language spoken as poems and occasional nudity (“because actors are always naked in foreign films”), Giuseppe’s movies may also resemble the underground worlds of George Kuchar, John Waters and Tod Browning. With a handwritten script, a video camera, an acting ensemble of neighbors and a few hundred bucks, Giuseppe has now made 30 feature films.

From Giuseppe’s headquarters – his own mobile home – we follow as he sets out to make a feature film in just two days. The stranger-than-fiction documentary showcases the Giuseppe universe but goes much deeper than just comedy or exploitation, showing how the self-taught filmmaker captures a deep level of humanism – and shows that filmmaking is not for a small elite group but open to everyone.


Tuesday, October 21