GOP Debates in Hecklevision

Wednesday, September 16, 5:00pm  |  $5  |

While watching a trainwreck unfold on the big screen is a proud tradition of the Hecklevision audience, we have now decided to take a quick break from cinematic misfires and turn to another kind of slow motion disaster: the Republican debates.

We all want to stay informed and keep up with the bizarre and cryptic things these candidates say to each other, but a little humor always helps. This time, the Hecklevision technology will add a crucial and much-needed laugh or two while the GOP candidates prattle on about their various policies.  Now’s your chance to crack wise via text and have it seen by a theater full of your peers, who are sharing the experience of Trump extolling his immigration agenda.  See the witty responses right there on the big screen as yet a third Bush candidate tries desperately to prove his relevance.

We’ve got your minor contenders too, your Huckabees, your Cruzes and the always befuddling Rand Paul.  All of the republican candidates will face off in a barely-moderated battle of poorly chosen words, for your information and entertainment.  Coming to you live from the Reagan Library in beautiful Simi Valley, California!

Fans of political discourse, cringeworthy public speaking and the time-honored tradition of virtual heckling are not to miss this unique edition of Hecklevision.  Bring your best sense of humor, because if any of the debates so far are any indication, you’re gonna need it!


Wednesday, December 16