Gridlords #19

Gridlords is a narrative arts and performance-based monthly live experience. Its roots are in Portland’s underground and art comics community, starting in April 2012 at the Waypost. With a strong love of interdisciplinary performance and storytelling, and a desire to marry sound and vision in new ways, Gridlords inventor Sean Christensen felt a void of a live experience in the world he knew was possible. He felt its echoes from fragments in memories and saw its potential in his future. Gridlords wishes to be the lectures of Lynda Barry as an explosive inspirational devotional performance piece or the performance pieces of Laurie Anderson as a universe! The world has become used to facing a device that is feeding you animated images and audio messages while your friend is virtually talking to you and your other friend is talking to you in person while facing their own device with a whole other set of stimuli. Gridlords is the stimulus presented all at once for a unified audience with an attention span. Gridlords wants you, the audience, to feel a part of something.

Pam Cameron-Snyder
pam cameron-snyder is an underground experimental illustrator working on a long-form project, wave forms. she resided in portland for nine years, and attended the IPRC certificate program in comics/graphic novels during its inaugural year. her past lives have included extensive training in music, film and performance.

E*Rock video showcase
This showcase features E*rocks video collaborations as Wyld File with multimedia artist Ben Jones Wyld File was a bi-coastal American multimedia team, founded by Ben Jones and E*Rock that specialized in making of music Flash animated videos. Initially teaming up to make a music video for Beck, during a time when music videos were played on MTV, not the internet, they developed a uniquely hyperactive, vivid, hybrid animation style for artists such as The Gossip, Islands, and Young MC. Ben then went on to create an animated program for Cartoon Network called The Problem Solverz .

Andrice Arp
Andrice Arp will be presenting an inspirational film showing her artist process directed by Sean Christensen A.B.T. The film will be accompanied by live music performed by Whitney/ Tina/ Kate/ & Young

At this time in my life I feel sometimes like I’m holding back a wall behind which there’s a pile of regrets that will crush me if I let the wall fall in. They mostly have to do with things I haven’t done and time I’ve wasted. I asked my friend, the Motivational Speaker Sean Christensen ABT, to help me with efficiency. What I wanted was to be reminded that every free moment is a choice point. I can choose to work, or I can choose to take a break, but my goal is to spend a lot less time not choosing. He started by asking me to film my daily activities in time lapse. Sean wants me to believe that time is more open and free than I currently do, and that there is more of it than I think there is, which at first seems counterproductive to my goal, which is to remind myself that every moment is consequential and should not be wasted. But I have the feeling that he knows what he’s doing, and even if he doesn’t, I’m learning valuable things. Two things that filming my activities in time lapse has done, so far, are to make me feel like everything I’m doing is more important, and, as you might expect, to make me feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Never mind that that’s not true! I’m pretty sure that’s beside the point.

Asher Craw
Asher Z Craw is a mythologist, bringing to the page the nagging feelings that have been dogging your steps. He will be presenting with The Crone Craw a multimedia selection of works, the title for the evening (and your only warning) is “you don’t have a body” It includes selections from the “best minni comic of 2013? Zebadiah & the forthcoming Hungry Summer (Sparkplug Books).



Monday, February 17