Gridlords #20

Gridlords is a monthly narrative arts and performance-based live experience curated by Sean Christensen. The series strives to embody the lectures of Lynda Barry as an explosive inspirational devotional performance piece, or the performance pieces of Laurie Anderson as a universe!

Caley Feeney
Transformation of Demon Peony: gestures embroidered on time. (A willful clown upended, A life in tatters mended).

Caley Feeney is a visual artist and vocalist based in Portland, Oregon.

Charlie Daugherty
TRULIES: Truths and Lies Entwined is a metaphysical journey of the bizarre nature of reality and the increasingly thinning line between real and imagined worlds. A live performance lecture exploring alter egos, animated adventures in finding truth, lost interviews, the physical manifestation of a lie, and readings from the meta comic, Losing Lies, where lies become truth!

Charlie Daugherty is an animator and visual effects artist with roots up and down the NW. He likes to seriously pretend to draw comics and is a graduate from The Evergreen State College. Currently he is living in Seattle and jogs daily (body and pencils).

Zach Erickson
Zach Erickson has composed a new short film of found anonymous audio cassettes and found 8mm home movie footage pieced together in a new film collage. Its very entertaining, funny and a little bit sad.

Zach Erickson likes experimenting with paper cut outs from drawings or books, and making short sequences with audio. Erickson uses a three layered glass table for animating which gives him three dimensions of depth for each layer. Erickson is inspired by low-fi 70's and 80's synth sounds and creepy sci-fi absurd funny imagery.

Suzette Smith
A series of works & concepts new & old will be presented from a voice so full of power, rage, passion, danger obsession & vigor that it could only be Suzette Smith.

Suzette is a design student, freelance illustrator, and an independent comic artist responsible for some of the rawest material by the fastest hand in comics. Suzette was raised hard in Detroit and likes to concept hard.

E*Rock will be presenting a series of videos from his vast body of work.

Eric Mast is a very busy person: he runs an excellent record label, Audio Dregs, is a painter/electronic artist/dj, and started clothing label Dreem Street with friend Matt Chambers.



Monday, March 17